best wooden house – In the past, houses tended to carry simpler designs, even wooden houses were a trend in their own right. However, over time, most modern houses are made of brick or brick walls. Not only does the structure seem stronger and stronger, this house made of bricks also looks more luxurious, just like European-style houses.

But lately, classic-style houses have begun to be loved by many people again. They seem to want to reminisce with the past. One of the house designs that is now a trend again is a simple wooden house model . With a classic impression equipped with exotic colors typical of wood, making the house look more elegant and cool.

11 Best Wooden House

1. Simple Modern Wooden House

This tiny house looks very simple, it has walls with longitudinal pieces of wood arranged vertically. There is a warm impression that is so clear from the inside through the lighting of the lights emitted from inside the house. You can add a glass door model to give a modern impression to this simple yet tiny dwelling.

2. Homy

With a large yard and terrace, it provides comfort for children to play. You can add a sliding door model made of glass to provide more space so you can move more freely, both outside the house and inside the house. Although simpler, this unique wooden house model can provide a high level of comfort for the owner and occupants of the house in it.

3. Walls of Wooden Trunks

You can also build a simple wooden stilt house made of wooden tree trunks that are arranged and split without a wood tree smoothing process for a long time, but can make the walls of the house look stronger and unique.

4. Minimalist House Model Made of Wood

This small house made of wood is indeed very simple, but with the background of green trees around it, this wooden house with a simple minimalist design looks more beautiful and stands out. You can combine the typical wood paint color with white paint on windows and doors. Complete also with shades of green, through green plants from pots placed on the terrace of the house with artificial grass installed in your yard.

5. Wooden Tree House With Small Terrace

With the size of the house that is not too wide, this wooden dwelling with a terrace with many windows is ideal and comfortable for your small and happy family to live in. The number of windows installed, makes the air circulation in the house better.

6. Unique and Enchanting Two-Story Wooden House

This two-story wooden house can be your choice if you have many family members. With a multi-storey house, it is certainly a solution to meet the needs of space through limited land. minimalist model furniture can be used to complement the style of this minimalist wooden house.

7. Simple and Modern Wooden House

This simple and modern wooden house design is suitable to be applied to land that is wide and not too broad. Without reducing the view of the tree house, it remains consistent and functional through the use of a carport roof made of wood which is painted white.

8. Simple Bungalow

This unique one-story wooden house in the form of a bungalow displays simplicity in every corner. To frame the dwelling, the architects used wood material through the use of wood cladding coated with white paint. The roof model is made of stitches with a narrow structure on the front porch, so guests and families can relax freely.

You can make this house plan consisting of 2 bedrooms, a large LDK area, and one bathroom. This is a version of a wooden house that is simpler than the previous design, but still displays sophistication.

9. Classic Design House

This classic house model from wood shows a simple facade shape that provides a way of structuring a complex house layout. Where, the seam roof is made standing with a set of projections on the window. While at the edges, it consists of wooden columns with a touch of mustard color which is quite ridiculous to complement the red stitching. The color is softened by a wooden terrace and white cladding.

10. Korean Style House

One of the cheap simple wooden house models is quite impressive through the use of wood with a white cladding combo. The difference is that the front porch is made higher and then rails extending to the whole house, thus making it the most perfect choice to display the beauty around it.

11. Minimalist Wooden Stilt House Model

The shape and design of houses made of wood are actually not as popular as other minimalist-style houses . However, we can’t really say that the fans are few. Maybe at first the wooden house model seems traditional and ancient, but for now the wooden house is close to the trend standard, as is the form of a minimalist wooden house on stilts.

The use of wood elements itself actually makes the arrangement of each panel seem much more thorough and creates the impression of luxury and warmth. In addition, the finishing can be maximized through the use of special paints without getting rid of the beauty of the wood material itself.