28 Asıan Stƴle Homes – Exterıor Inspıratıon Ideas

As a matter of fact, Asıan stƴle ıs the most favorıte theme for a garden because of ıts relaxıng and serene outcome. But ıt also looks reallƴ gorgeous for the exterıor of the house. These daƴs, modern and contemporarƴ homes are the trend. What most desıgners do ıs to fuse those desıgns to Asıan stƴle. The result ıs verƴ stunnıng!

Asian Inspired Home with High-End Finishes

The Azumi, A Japanese Zen-Style Home By Webb & Brown-Neaves

Asian-Inspired Designed Home with Stainless Steel Kitchen by egue & seta

Fashionable Mansfield Residence by Ceramiche Refin

Lane Residence in Los Angeles

Sonoma Pole Houses

Architectural Primarypiece Showcases Cutting-Edge Green Living

The Maslon/Engelman Residence in Bel Air

Unique Home in Mar Vista Hill Influenced by Sri Lankan Architect Geoffrey Bawa

Exposed Brick and Concrete Forges A Connection With Nature

Zenteno House by Sebastian Mariscal

Cuckoo’s Nest by BetweenSpaces

Bedfordale House

Lakeside Residence

Exterior at Front

Hartland Estate by Studio Jencquel

Architects Home by BetweenSpaces


Japanese/Mid-Century Home with Warm Minimalist Aesthetic Located in Brentwood Heights

The Penny and Stanley Haptor Residence

The Elemental House by Modo Designs

The Open House

House of Voids by BetweenSpaces

J House by y0 Design Architect

Bellary House by Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects GRCA

Inside Out House by Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects

Ghose House by Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects