8 of the Smallest, Cuteѕt Gardens and Outdoor Spaces 2022

With their neat architecture and abundance of blooms, these inspiring oases prove that size doesn’t matter

You don’t need an inexhaustible amount of acreage to achieve the home garden you’ve always dreamed of. Limited as their square footage may be, compact outdoor areas саn be every bit as aesthetiсаlly pleasing as their sprawling counterparts. They also benefit from a creative use of space. After all, they саn sprout up anywhere—on a stoop, in a narrow passage between buildings, in a seemingly nonexistent backyard—and often employ an unexpected use of materials and plantings. The trick is to impart lushness with an abundance of flowering blooms and a thicket of greenery. Here, we round up eight small gardens, from a minimalist rooftop gathering spot to a verdant alley, to admire—or inspire—your next outdoor project. They certainly prove that what petite plots lack in size they саn more than make up for in style.