Discover 2 Glass Pyramids Under The Sea: The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle May Finally Be Տolⱱed. – ?

Can shipwrecks and mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle sea be deciphered by this discovery?

French and American scientists conducted a seabed survey of the Bermuda Triangle thanks to a 2,000-meter-deep submarine detector. And they insisted that two glass pyramids were found standing there.

The work is believed to have a pyramid with a 300m long, 200m high foundation. From the foundation to the top of the tower 100m high. The other pyramid is 3 meters deep and 3 times larger than the Cheops pyramid in Ai .

Picture 1 of Discover 2 glass pyramids under the Bermuda Triangle Sea?Two pyramids were discovered in the sea of Bermuda Triangle Triangle.

From the data collected, scientists believe that the pyramid’s surface is very smooth as if it was built of glass or ice, no cracks, algae and algae cannot be trapped.

According to them, these two large glass pyramids were built using techniques unknown to modern science.

Some suggested that the pyramid was built on the ground. And earthquakes made them slip to the bottom of the sea.

But there are other opinions that these two pyramids were built by the people of Atlantis to provide drinking water.

Someone hypothesized that the two giant pyramids are now the product of the humanoid ape discovered in Washington state (USA).

It is theorized that two glass pyramids capture cosmic rays so called ” energy fields” or ” magnetic suction machines “, once the power plant of Atlantis residents.

Another theory is that the pyramid on the seabed may be part of the “sacred land” protected by the people of Atlantis.

Scientists found that on the top of the pyramid there were two holes, the water flowing through the second hole, forming a large swirl that caused large waves and surface fog. Does this affect boats and planes across the Bermuda Triangle? And is it the cause of mysterious disappearances?

Pyramid in a big whirlpool.

Archaeologist Calvin Jones in the state of Florida said that two pyramids were built in 10,000 and 6,000 BC, when the Atlantic Ocean was not yet an ocean.

Location map detects 2 glass pyramids.

However, anthropology professor Glen Doran of Florida State University (USA) said: The Eastern pyramids were built in 4,000 BC and the new World pyramids were built in the first year CN. So the ancient building structures off Florida’s sea are much older than the other 2,000 year old pyramids

The article reported the discovery of 2 large glass pyramids under the Bermuda Triangle Sea.