The Premier League returns this week after two weeks without no action, but not every team will be involved following a number of further postponements

The death of Queen Elizabeth sparked the cancellation of matches last weekend (Sept. 10-12), and fans are wondering when the Premier League action will return to action — and which teams will get to play — as the U.K. mourns the loss of its longest-tenured monarch.

Thanks to the 2022 World Cup, the schedule this season is already jam-packed, and fixture congestion will continue to be a factor moving forward in light of the latest postponements.

The Premier League is back this weekend after the last round of fixtures were postponed following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as top flight sides prepare to take to the field for the final time before the international break.

Not all teams will be in action, though, with Brighton vs Crystal Palace postponed on Saturday as a result of planned industrial action, while Manchester United vs Leeds and Chelsea vs Liverpool are off on Sunday due to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

However, with Brentford vs Arsenal still taking place on the same day, we tells you all you need to know about why that game is on but Chelsea and Man United’s games are off.

Why is Man Utd vs Leeds and Chelsea vs Liverpool off?

It was announced earlier this week that Sunday’s Premier League ties between Man United and Leeds and Chelsea and Liverpool were to be postponed due to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, which takes place on Monday, September 19.

With the funeral taking place less than 24 hours after the two games were played, the concerns over a lack of police resources available for Sunday’s fixtures was the main reason for the postponements.

In a statement released on Monday, the Premier League explained that “following extensive consultation with clubs, police, local Safety Advisory Groups and other relevant authorities, there was no other option but to postpone the three fixtures”.

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal will return to action on Sunday when they face Brentford

Why is Brentford vs Arsenal still on?

With Brentford vs Arsenal taking place on the same day as the two other postponed fixtures, it would be right to assume that this game would also be called off , especially with it taking place in London alongside Chelsea vs Liverpool.

However, the reason for it not being called off is because it is not anticipated that a police presence as large as the other two fixtures will be needed for this game, with there being no rivalry between the Bees and the Gunners.

One change that has been made to the fixture, though, is the kick-off time. The match was originally scheduled to begin at 2pm, although that has now been brought forward to 12pm to further increase the safety surrounding the game.

Which games are still on this weekend?

The following set of fixtures are still going ahead this weekend:

Aston Villa vs Southampton, 8pm (Friday)

Nottingham Forest vs Fulham, 8pm (Friday)

Wolves vs Man City, 12:30pm (Saturday)

Newcastle vs Bournemouth, 3pm (Saturday)

Tottenham vs Leicester, 5:30pm (Saturday)

Brentford vs Arsenal, 12pm (Sunday)

Everton vs West Ham, 2:15pm (Sunday)

When is the next round of Premier League fixtures?

The next round of fixtures, as listed below, are scheduled to take place after the international break on the weekend of October 1-3.

Arsenal vs Tottenham, 12:30pm (Saturday, October 1)

Bournemouth vs Brentford, 3pm (Saturday October 1)

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea, 3pm (Saturday, October 1)

Fulham vs Newcastle, 3pm (Saturday, October 1)

Liverpool vs Brighton, 3pm (Saturday, October 1)

Southampton vs Everton, 3pm (Saturday, October 1)

West Ham vs Wolves, 5:30pm (Saturday, October 1)

Man City vs Man United, 2pm (Sunday, October 2)

Leeds vs Aston Villa, 4pm (Sunday, October 2)

Leicester vs Nottingham Forest, 8pm (Monday, October 3)