10 décor resolutions that interior designers are making for 2022

When it comes to design trends, there’s a new one every few months. However, the ongoing pandemic made a universal switch in the way we approach and interact with spaces. With WFH becoming a norm since 2020, and people spending more time indoors, interior designers saw a flurry of requests to redecorate spaces, especially homes. We asked a few of them to tell us what trends they foresee for 2022 and also share décor resolutions for the new year.

1. The Rise of Biophilic Elements

Bringing nature indoors with the help of plants, flowers and more is already in motion, and will continue to be big even this year predict designers unanimously. “Greens are such a huge factor to establish the connection between indoors and outdoors. Be it natural or artificial, homeowners want their spaces to feel fresh and comforting, and greens set the tone perfectly,” says Paushika Gupta, principal designer, PGA+D.

2. Earthy Tones for the Win

“White, ivory, cream and neutrals like these are out; greens, rusts, greys, blues are the new neutrals. Natural earthy tones in deeper jewel shades have way more character and depth than the paler palettes,” opines Shonali Mahajan, founder, Studio Wodehouse. So, if you are planning to redo your room, pick colours that mirror natural elements to add more life to the interiors.

3. Natural and Organic Design

Keeping the theme of nature and natural living intact, another trend that is likely to be big this year is the use of organic shapes that depict flow rather than boxy ones that restrict it. “Organic, curvilinear forms in layout and furniture design is expected to make a big impact in 2022. Rigid spatial configurations and forms should be avoided as they make the space seem closed off. Instead, free-flowing spaces with organic forms make the interiors feel open and airy,” shares Pooja Bihani, founder and principal architect, Spaces & Design.


4. Personalising Your Space

While personalisation isn’t new, it is definitely on the rise and will continue this year too. Says Kumpal Vaid, principal designer, Purple Backyard, “Show off your personality and personal taste within your space by choosing a décor that resonates with you and reflects the things you like. Own your ground and be authentic. You can also choose a theme but don’t overdo it. For instance, if you pick a monochrome look, add a patterned rug to break the monotony.”

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5. Restoration and Repurposing

When it comes to décor trends in the hospitality sector that includes hotels, resorts and other stays, Anil Badan, principal architect, Studio B, reveals, “The eco-conscious trend that is bound to be popular in 2022 is restoration and repurposing of antique furniture and second-hand décor pieces. The mantra of highly adaptable, sustainable designs would be to find alternative use of spaces or objects. Though this concept is not new, it is definitely becoming more creative.”


With the variety of options available in wallpapers, they are one of the biggest décor trends you can follow. Image courtesy, Asian Paints

6. Wallpapers GaloreAccording to Gupta, wallpapers are the new paint. And the array of textures and patterns available in them are making them increasingly popular at homes as well as at hotels. She adds, “Wallpapers provide a sense of dimension and visual interest. I think wallpapers with bold patterns, different textures and interwoven patterns will trend in 2022.”

7. Vocal for LocalWhen it comes to personal design resolutions, Mahajan plans to be more sustainable and use local materials in her work. This move can be adapted not just by designers, but homeowners as well, as it helps the economy, cuts down on costs, reduces carbon footprint, and strengthens Indian brands and the artisans’ community.

8. A Sensorial ExperienceFor Bihani, her design firm’s goal for 2022 includes creating spaces for clients that evoke all senses through different design elements in the interiors. “My goal is to sustain and balance the sensibilities of the site in context to the mandates provided by the clients,” she adds.

9. Colour Therapy

Gupta on the other hand, wants her clients to step out of their comfort zone, and experiment with colours. “I’d like to concentrate on colours and install increased colour-confidence in homeowners. Paint homes in hues of sage green, teal blue and mustard yellow. I’d urge my clients to be bolder and braver this year,” she says.

10. Clients First

Adhering to the brief given by clients is a key resolution for Vaid this year. “Our aim is to let the interiors reflect the client’s personality and celebrate them through design. We, as a firm, have always tried to add their persona to the interiors, but this year we want to take it up a notch,” she reveals.