10 Models of 4-level houses with beautiful, modern flat roofs, cheap

The flat roof 4-level house is a model with a simple, modern design that has never gone out of fashion in Vietnam. If you love and are interested in this home model, then don’t skip the following article right away. 

What kind of house is a flat roof 4-level house?

Level 4 house with flat roof is a model of level 4 house with a concrete roof. Create a solid plane in the roof. The design of this level 4 house model usually follows a modern and simple direction. Suitable for the vast majority of construction area today.

Advantages of flat roof house 4

  • The roof is solid concrete, providing good anti-leakage, sun protection, and fire resistance for the house.
  • The flat roof has a neat design, so it does not affect the surrounding houses.
  • Level 4 flat roof houses have a much lower slope than corrugated iron or tile roofs. The average is only 5 to 8%. Therefore, its ability to withstand pressure is high. It is very suitable for use in areas with frequent storms.
  • The floor on the flat roof is wide, can serve many different needs. Users can use them as drying yards. Make a living space. Or as a place to decorate bonsai samples, increase the aesthetics of the house.
  • Easily upgrade floors when needed.

Disadvantages of level 4 flat roof house

  • Since the roof is a thick layer of concrete, the flat roof causes hot conditions in the summer.
  • The amount of iron and steel used for the roof is high, so the foundation must be built carefully. To be able to ensure the sustainability and bearing capacity of the house. This also leads to an increase in construction costs.
  • The characteristic of concrete is that it is easily affected by weather (elasticity when weather changes). Leads to easy penetration after a period of use. But this seepage situation is very difficult to overcome. If it can be remedied, it will also cause loss of aesthetics for the house.
  • Because the flat roof has a low slope, it is easy to accumulate waste when it rains, making the roof cleaning process more frequent.

10 Models of 4-level houses with beautiful and cheap flat roofs

Modern 4-level house with creamy white roofs

Creamy white is one of the most versatile colors in architecture. It can be used in both neoclassical and modern house designs. In any style it offers a special flair. The flat roof model below is a typical example.

In addition to the creamy white color used a lot for the wall. The architects also used brown brick for the bathroom wall. Create a striking highlight for the overall perspective of the house. Besides, the design of the floor close to the roof also makes the house taller and wider. The cost of building this level 4 flat roof house is at a relatively comfortable level. Ranging from 300 to 500 million VND.

Modern flat roof 4-level house with corrugated iron roof

If you love the sophisticated and feel the flat roof is a bit monotonous. Then you can consider layering a layer of light corrugated iron on top. Like the design right below, for example.

The colors used for this level 4 flat roof model are relatively gentle. Large doors are equipped with quite a few layers of glass, providing maximum light efficiency. The roof above has a beautiful simple design, with the interference of many different lines and stripes. Bring a special impression to the viewer. The cost to build a modern corrugated iron roof house will range from 300 to 400 million VND.

Beautiful, cheap level 4 flat roof house

In case you own a limited land fund and your financial capacity is not really rich. Then the model of a level 4 house below will be a suggestion worth referring to.

This level 4 flat roof house has a construction cost ranging from 200 to 300 million VND. Despite such a modest construction fee, it has all the basic amenities that a family needs.

The colors are also carefully selected and coordinated. The floor plan has been renovated as a place to dry clothes. You can also turn it into your own relaxing space by arranging more tea tables and chairs. Add a few trees or add some miniatures.

Model level 4 roof house with mezzanine

The flat roof house with mezzanine uses simple geometric blocks to create its own attraction. The colors in the house are also quite modest. There are only 3 basic colors: creamy white, cobalt blue and dark brown. It is these modesty that highlight the comfort and modernity of the house’s design.

Although the size is a bit small. But thanks to the large glass panels on the outside, the indoor space will become larger and more comfortable.

Houses are built in the neighborhood, so the cost to build a house is also relatively high. Ranging from 500 to 600 million VND. It is very suitable for families with 2 to 4 members living together.

Large flat roof house

This large flat roof model is a model for families with many members. Its design has up to 2 modern bedrooms. Each room has its own roof deck. Create beautiful arrangements.

The dark sepia and pastel pink wooden doors are an impressive break in a white wall. Light brown break-out columns also contribute to the overall prominence of the whole house. With a large front yard, you can turn it into a beautiful flower garden. Or in the middle of the original design to make a playground for children. The price to build this 4-level flat roof house is from 600 million VND or more.

Flat roof house connecting nature

This flat roof model is a house model for nature lovers. And the desire to live in a house maximally connected to this setting.

With a system of trees arranged widely, the house seems to become more prominent and beautiful in everyone’s eyes.

This level 4 flat roof house uses simple decorative lines. Only one paint color is used, which is white and gray, and the wood brown color of the door and the large column in front of the house. Bring a harmonious and balanced combination to the whole. The house has a 3-bedroom design, families with many members should also consider choosing this design. The cost of building a 4-level house with flat roofs combined with nature is from 600 million VND or more.

Level 4 flat roof house with garage

This high-class flat roof house design includes a convenient garage for cars. Although the house looks quite narrow. But it ensures to fully meet the living needs of family members. Newlyweds can consider this design for their new home.

The cost to build a level 4 house with a garage ranges from 500 to 700 million VND.

Please refer to other models of level 4 houses with flat roofs below:

Hopefully with the above 10 suggestions for flat roof level 4 houses, it will help you get more new ideas for your future home. If you need any more information, do not hesitate to send your question to us!