Know the real story behind this not so little ‘mermaid on Mangalore beach’

We thought that mermaids only existed in fairytales…

But it seems that мคหy people believe in real-life mermaids. A video posted recently shows a ‘mermaid’ that was allegedly caught in Muizenberg, Cape Town.Here we are sharing a piece of news with you, A viral video has gained attention from the netizen. This Mermaids South Africa video goes viral on Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit.

This video has arrested huge attention from the public. People are discussing what happened and what is the matter. People are hitting the search engine to find all the answers about the news. According to the video mythical creature has washed up, on a beach in Kenya or South Africa.

The video was posted by TikToker Aamir Cali, who seems to be a mermaid enthusiast. This isn’t the first video about mermaids he has shared.

Some of which have been extracted from movies and series. So the legitimacy is questionable.

“Every second breath you take comes from the ocean. Today is the day of the mother who gives life to the whole world. Yes, 8th of June. Today is World Ocean Day. Let’s protect the ocean that gives us oxygen. Let’s fight against ocean pollution,” reads the text on the screen.

At 6:35 seconds, the frame again shifts to the beach, but the ‘mermaid’ is missing. The man who’d removed the strangulations picks up a bag of garbage and walks alone through the shore.

The credit section of the video says it was conceptualised and directed by Udaya Hewagama, who is also the co-founder of Trip Pisso.

AFWA contacted Trip Pisso, whose chief marketing manager Hashan Madushka told us, “We normally post videos of lesser-known natural wonders on our channel. On World Ocean Day this year, we thought of doing something unique. That’s when X-Press Pearl, a cargo ship carrying chemicals, caught fire off the Sri Lankan coast causing environmental disaster. The incident inspired us to raise awareness on ocean conservation, and the idea of mermaid came up.”

We also found a behind-the-scenes video of the short film on the Facebook page of Trip Pisso.


A synopsis about the film was also posted by Udaya on his Facebook page on June 8. In this post, Udaya says the film was made on World Ocean Day to spread a message on the importance of sea conservation.

Hence, it is clear that the viral video is of an awareness film made in Sri Lanka on nature conservation, and not of a mermaid spotted on Mangalore beach.