Newly, NASA has just received a warning from Arctic Native Elders that the Earth, Sun, and Moon are changing.

A yearly summit on global warming recently took place in Copenhagen in which most of the world’s greatest minds in the field participated.

You can see that both experts and novices gathered here to discuss global heating and all it entailed, but no one could have predicted the outcome. Most people expected the Eskimo elders to listen but not talk much.

However, they quickly added their own voice to the conversation. The Inuit revealed the truth about climate change and global heating.

According to them, scientists shouldn’t worry as much about global warming and climate change as much as they should worry about what’s causing this in the first place.

They stated that this goes way deeper than industrial activity and pollution and that we won’t live to see the end of the process either.

They spoke of how the Sun rises farther than it used to in the past, and how the day itself is longer than the night. This is an indication that Earth has lost its position within the Solar system.