25 Bird of Paradise Garden Ideas

The bird of paradise is a very tropical-looking perennial that adds a dramatic and exotic touch to any yard. This tropical plant makes an excellent starting point for creating an interesting and beautiful landscape, and with it as the focal point, you can choose to go in any of several different directions to complete your yard. Growing them in your garden will add drama and structure to your garden but need little care and are able to tolerate coastal conditions, strong sun, and little water.

That is the reason why in this post today, we want to share 26 bird of paradise garden ideas to decorate your house and garden more attractive and beautiful. They not only give your space close to nature but also give the shade to give you have great landscaping for your living space. So, if you are planning to change the look of your house or garden, these ideas are the ways to start!


#1 Grow In Front Of House Or Your Gate


#2 Grow For Backyard Seating

#3 Grow For Garden Wall To Add Green Space


#4 Growing In Big Pots

#5 Place In Your Porch


#6 For Backyard With Wooden Bench

#7 For The Corner of Garden


#8 Grow For Your Backyard

#9 Place Indoor


#10 For Balcony

#11 To Make Beautiful Natural Wall

#12 Grow Beside Your House

#13  Grow For In Front Of House

#14 Grow For Shower House

#15 Grow For Your Swimming Pool

#16 Grow Beside Small Stream

#17 Grow In Clay Pot To Give The Shade

#18 Grow For Path

#19 Grow With Bamboom To Create Natural Environment

#20 Grow In Your Living Room

#21 Grow For Gate

#22 Grow For The Wall Of Garden

#23 Grow Around House

#24 Grow With Other Plants

#25 Grow For Your Balcony

#26 Grow To Make Green Wall