If anyone is looking for ideas for a private relaxation area, the cottage house is considered a very interesting idea anyway. and if someone’s house has an empty space behind the house and what it is A cottage house is like a private space where we can go to rest and relax. or a private office or doing various activities on demand Without having to worry about the noise disturbing other people in the house and today the admin has gathered ideas. “Little cottage in the backyard” for friends to win in order to get a good design Let’s go to apply and follow each other.

The idea of ​​a “small wooden house” is budget-friendly.

A small house has quite a small usable area.

beautiful design house that emphasizes decoration with wooden materials

A cottage in the garden can rest and store things.

Simple wooden cabins with a raised platform and a balcony to enjoy the cool breeze.

The house has a compact and distinctive design.

Create a private world which is not far from the main house

used as a vacation home in the provinces easy construction

Quiet and private relaxation corner in the garden

build a small house Suitable for those who have little space

wooden hut in the middle of the forest Enjoy the green nature

Compact one-story house dark gable roof

cottage house answers It’s small and compact.

In the midst of nature, quiet and private.

little cottage in the garden Created as a private resting area