45 Modern Shipping Container Homes for Every Budget

Modern shipping container homes are popular due to their versatility and affordability. Despite having a pre-made shape containers can be stacked in a lot of different ways to produce unusual forms for modern dwellings.



1. Tiny House Shipping Container Home

We’re kicking off with the first tiny home on our list! The project from Cargo Home is called The Mainsail and it’s 160 square feet. The coolest part about it is that it allows for an indoor-outdoor living style with a wonderful deck.


2. Elevated Shipping Container Home

This particular shipping container home comes with a special-made roof that helps collect some rainwater for later use.

This design features tons of windows, so there’s little privacy, but it can be adjusted quite a bit if you so desire.

3. Intricate Shipping Container Home

Created by the folks of Travis Price Architects, this particular shipping container home is super intricate. Dubbed the Crathie Lane Container Home, this is a wonderful construction that can serve as a residence to a big family.

4. Multiple Room Shipping Container Home

Coming from Mod House, this design is sustainable, made out of modular shipping containers. The smart home provides comfort throughout the year and it’s a real money-saver.

Each box is connected to the next using a link room, basically a corridor. This offers quite a bit of extra space.

5. Custom Backcountry Shipping Container Home

Coming from Backcountry Containers, this Texas build stands out as it features multiple stories. It’s quite spacious, but it also runs quite expensive.

The cool thing about it is that you can add a roof deck or a porch area.

6. Luxury Shipping Container Home

House by Adam KalkinArchitect Adam Kalkin is mostly known for his modern shipping container home designs that are so innovative and stylish, they could easily become the poster homes for cargotecture (a term coined for shipping container architecture).

The Adriance house is made of 12 shipping containers and is located in Northern Maine. Its area is estimated at 4,000 square feet (371 sq m) and it features glazed walls at both sides of the structure separated from the outside world with only dark curtains. Kalkin has worked with Butler to construct this fabulous home.

7. Texas Shipping Container Cabin

This modern house featured on HGTV belongs to Keith Lasseigne who built it in Austin, Texas. The exterior betrays the secret that the house was made out of shipping containers but when you step inside there isn’t a trace of that.

The wooden floors, impeccable style, and modern appliances – all make this house look ultra-modern and even luxurious.

8. Spacious Container Home

We found this black and white house on IdealKConstruction among the collection of other modern shipping container homes and it’s gorgeous. The ground level is almost fully glazed offering the indoor/outdoor atmosphere.

The more private second floor can be accessed from both inside and outside of the home and the staircase is shielded from the outside world with a double wall matching with the house’s colors.

9. Tower Container Appartments

Shipping containers aren’t just for the private homes though. They are successfully used for building office buildings, stores, and restaurants, so why not an apartment building? La Aduana is an apartment building in Mexico made out of 36 containers.

Designed by Mario Plasencia it is partially covered with wooden slat screens and the original container doors make for the apartment balconies. Modern shipping container homes are simply made to solve housing problems.

10. Modern Container Home Design

Containers make for wonderful retreats where you can pretty much live indefinitely, especially if the climate allows it or the home was properly designed to meet every kind of weather. This Canyon City container cabin is the epitome of modern design.

There’s lots of glass and the containers are seemingly stacked in a pretty loose manner. Built by Tomecek Studio Architecture the house makes use of one 40′ container and six 20′ ones and has  two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and even the guest quarters.

11. Massive Shipping Container Home

Casa Incubo is an incredible example of modern shipping container homes. Designed by architect Maria José Trejos for a professional photographer the house embraces the cedar tree on site and provides enough lighting for working and living.

The shipping containers are used as they are aside from a few openings for windows here and there. The glass sliding doors on the ground floor are shielded with sliding wooden panels. The wooden deck that seems to extend from the house floors features built in lights and the additional awning and roof increase sun protection.

12. Caterpillar Cargo Home


13. Garden Container Home


14. Dark Shipping Container Home


15. Garden Container Home


16. Tiny Home – Container House


17. Innovative Container Home


18. Cheap Shipping Container Home


19. Modern Shipping Container Home


20. Black & Brown Shipping Container Home


21. Aqua Container Home


22. Two Story Shipping Container Home


23. Sprawling Shipping Container Home


24. Shipping Container & Glass Home


25. Modern Shipping Container Home


26. Single Family Shipping Container Home


27. Shipping Container & Palettes House


28. Compact Container Home


29. Connected Shipping Container Homes


30. Stylish Shipping Container Home


31. Spacious Shipping Container House


32. Summer Quarters Shipping Container Home


33. Cute Shipping Container Home


34. Shipping Container Home in the Wild


35. Shipping Container Home with Balcony


36. Redwood Shipping Container Home


37. Tiny Shipping Container Home


38. Adorable Shipping Container Home


39. Multiple Story Shipping Container Home


40. Gray Shipping Container Home


41. Modern Container Home


42. Polka Dots Shipping Container Home


43. Hidden Shipping Container Home


44. Modern Two Story Cargo Shipping Home


45. Wood Clad Shipping Container Home