50 Pictures of Simple Village House Design (Classic and Modern)

Simple village house designs– Having a house in the village is not an obstacle for you to have a comfortable home and the design you want. Use examples of simple village house designs to have your dream home.

Do you really want not to have a cool house but keep it simple even though you live in the countryside? You can be an example for neighbors who want to have a house that is cool, comfortable to live in, and looks simple

simple village house design picture

A comfortable house cannot be separated from the design of the house itself. If your house is located in the countryside, then this article is perfect for you to use as a reference if you are going to build or renovate your home.

Simple design home

village home photo

A simple house with elongated glass windows will make your house look tall from the front. The symmetrical pillars give an elegant yet simple impression.

If you are near rice fields, this design is very suitable for you to use because the long windows will make it easier for air to circulate in and out. You can use the terrace to relax in the morning and evening.

Two roof village house

village home photo

Home designs like this are now often used. The two roofs in question are the large roof for the main house and in front, there is a small roof for the terrace. The design of a two-roof village house will make your home look unique with a simple design.

Two pillars of the entrance

village home photo

If you have a house with a large plot of land, you can use this design. Make a path like the entrance right on the door pillar placed on the right side of your house.

The design of the house that extends to the side and the way from the pillars make your house look spacious and comfortable to live in

Two stop house design with trees

village home photo

This one design may be slightly the same as the two-roof design in design number 2. But what makes the difference is that you can add trees outside your house and further enlarge the ventilation of the house so that air circulation is smoother.

Three-sided house designer

village home photo

The next example of a simple house image in the village is a house that has three sides. From the front when you look at the roof it will be like a house divided into three. Although a little strange, this design makes your home look like a modern home.

simple Indian village house design pictures

House design extends to the side

If your house has land with a square shape, then this design is suitable for you to apply. Make a house from half your land, give decorations as drawn to add an aesthetic impression.

In addition, some of the land you can use as a terrace to do many things such as sports, washing vehicles, or others. You can also read other articles:

2 square feet house design

This design looks more modern, the squares placed on the right and left of the house are not balanced to make the house look attractive. You can use this design if you live in a village close to the city. Surely your house is not inferior to the houses in the city.

Decorating ideas for tall walls

A house with a high wall design will make your home feel wider from the inside. Pictures of squares on the walls on the outside walls of the house are perfect to complement the high walls.

Big house design with the box type

The design above includes a design that has a large and spacious house area. On the side of the house, there is an additional wall such as a box that covers the house to make it look safer. In addition, create a house with a unique three roofs. The house will look not boring.

Simple house design

This has a unique design on the front, which is given a small roof for the front door with a letter with a little L. You can place the door more protruding from the window of the house.

High roof house designs

This house has a high oral design with a sideways direction. If the roof of the house is usually facing forward, this design is different. This makes the house look taller from the outside.

Unbalance roof house designs

The design above shows a roof with several levels that are not balanced. The roof gives a modern impression but still looks simple. Your house seems to be divided when viewed from the outside. You can also read other articles:

normal village house design

Semi modern home design

The design is like a slightly modern house. The design of doors and windows that become one is already widely used by other village houses. But the design for the roof has progressed a bit like a modern house.

Simple house image in village

If you use this design for your house in the village, surely many neighbors will like to see it. Because the design with three lines extending upwards makes the house look modern but still simple.

Town to village house design modern

Most designs like this are used in housing complexes in villages. There is nothing wrong if you using this design for your home in the village. Your home is like a house brought from the city. Very good right?

Twilight house design

The design of the twilight house is a house that has a twilight or orange color in it while neutral colors in the front such as white and gray. Interesting not with different paint. The shape of the house is also very unique with a modern roof and walls.

High wall and roof house designs

The house design above has the same length between the walls and the roof when viewed from the outside. This design is suitable for those of you who like high one-story houses.

Modern house design in village

An example of this one village house design is a little interesting with a garden in front of the house. The terrace which has its own roof gives a unique and comfortable impression to relax there. You can also read other articles:

Long version house design in the villagers

Although it looks the same as design number 18, the difference is that this design has a higher roof but the design for the others is as modern as number 18.

Traditional Simple Village House Design Picture

Semi-traditional modern house design

This example of a simple village house design gives a modern impression seen from the different exterior wall designs in each part. Meanwhile, if you see a stone on the road to the house, it looks like traditional houses that use natural goods.

Two-line house designs

The house design is very simple but combined with two long lines in the middle makes the house look like it is divided into two. If you feel that it doesn’t match the color of the line, then you can adjust it to your favorite color.

Modern vintage house design

Living in the village must also pay attention to the design of your house which is similar to that in the city. This vintage design gives a modern impression from the colors and decorations on the walls. The shape of the house still looks simple so it is suitable for your home in the village.

Simple townhouse design

The design of the house with the addition of wall stone decorations makes the house look very strong. The elongated windows make the house look longer too. The yard still feels spacious for children’s play or for the garden and car garage.

White modern house design

The white color design makes your house look clean and with a modern design, it doesn’t make your house look like an old village house. Add a plant in front of it and your home will feel fresh. You can also read other articles:

Design the blooming house

A house with a design like the one above will look shining at night. With yellow color and additional lights at night make your home stand out. With large glass windows, it gives the impression of being modern and elegant at the same time.

Monochrome complex house design

The house design above is a little complex with many small details on the outer walls. But even though it looks complex if you have a monochrome or neutral color it will make the house look simple and look less complex.

Pop up roof house designs

In this simple village house design example, the design on the roof is slightly raised. Even though the house is one roof, the house looks very large and the simple design gives an elegant impression.

low-cost simple village house design picture

Two-story pop-up roof house designs

It’s the same as the previous image which highlights the roof. This design adds a floor to two and provides a balcony on the second floor that makes it even grander. In addition, the yard is still very spacious, it can be used as a garden to relax.

Big park house design

If you have a large area of ​​land then this design is for you. Like a house in a village in general which has a large garden in front to the side of the house. The house is made simple with one floor and a terrace which is its advantage.

Modern joglo house design

Who does not know the design of a joglo house? Indeed, the joglo house features a unique roof. You can adapt it as the roof of your house. It’s very unique, right, if a house with a joglo roof but with a modern wall or building design?

Vintage home design ideas

The  above looks like houses from abroad or even cartoons. The house is divided into two, one half for the vehicle garage and the other half for the house. This design is suitable for those of you who have many vehicles.

Big modern house design

An example of a simple village house design is a house that looks big but is still modern. By having a very large land, you are free to express how you will make your house look like the picture above which is very modern.

Wooden house designs

Even though it looks like wood, you can use other materials that are stronger. A house like this is very simple and the color is very identical to the wood. Suitable for those of you who like a simple house in the village. The addition of potted flowers makes it even more attractive.

Unbalance modern home design ideas

This design is suitable for those of you who like the balance but still harmony. The roof design is not like in general. Inside the house, you can decorate according to your liking with unique items.

Big house design

The example of the house design above is suitable for those of you who have a large family. Land for building houses is widely used for the rooms of the house. The design from the outside also looks simple without a lot of excessive wall decorations.

simple house design photos village

Gray color house design

This house, which is identical to dark gray, is suitable for those of you who like neutral colors. You can make a wall design on the outside with lots of windows to make it more attractive and look modern. Adding plants in front of it will definitely refresh the view of the house.

Chocolate brown house design

The design of the house with brown color makes the house even sweeter to look at. The outer design is very nice and unique, even people who have used it are not uncommon. You can apply this design if you want to have a design that not many people have.

Palace color house design

If you’ve ever seen a state palace though not directly, the color of the house is white. Similarly, the house above is designed in elegant white color. The walls of the house are made as unique as possible so that they don’t feel boring.

Hometown design ideas

The design of the house as in the picture is very interesting with the unusual building details. An additional wall next to the house will make your house feel like it doesn’t connect with one another.

Ordinary house design

What is meant by ordinary is because the design of the house as in the picture has been widely used by the public. If you want to be safe without looking at flashy designs. You can use this design with a neutral color combination.

House tower design image

If you look at the picture above, it definitely feels like a traditional house or an old house. When you want a house with a past theme but still looks simple modern. An example of a Gadang house design is suitable for you.

Modern monochrome house designs

It is called a monochrome design because this house has neutral colors such as white, gray, and even black. Add greenery in front of your house. This will make the house not boring. This design includes a modern design.

Small house front garden design

If you have thought about the design of a house that must have a garden, then the example above is suitable for your needs. The design of the house that has a modern and minimalist design is very fitting to be combined with a small garden in front of the house. The garden gives the impression that your home is alive.

Great courtyard designs

The design above prioritizes a large home page compared to the size of the house itself. This design is suitable for those of you who like gatherings with many people.

If you look at the picture, not only the front page but also the backyard behind the wall fence. In the backyard, you can use it as a swimming pool or even a more shady backyard.

Simple home design in village

It looks very ancient, but the example of house design in this village has its own aesthetic. Choose house materials of good quality, especially for stairs that are placed outside the house. The stairs are what make this house even more interesting.

We have presented some pictures of simple village house designs. Which is your favorite or even your dream house? Immediately take steps to create your own country house.