67 Cool Small Balcony Design Ideas – DigsDigs

We’ve already told you about smart balcony storage ideas but what design to choose in case you don’t have much space there? I think that greenery in a balcony leaves an impression of being in the garden, so placing planters with herbs, flowers and succulents is a cool idea – put them on the floor and walls. The main thing is a seat, and here everything depends on the size of the balcony. If it’s tine – then a big floor pillow is enough but if you have more space, then little chairs and a table that can be hung on the rail is the best choice, and romantic dinners outdoors will be waiting for you! Maybe you can put a love seat or a small sofa with a blanket to read books in comfort. Hanging lights or candle lanterns – it’s up to you, to the style you like and to the atmosphere that you want to create. Look for some inspiration below!

A small sofa, a coffee table and a bamboo wall would make a balcony a perfect place for an afternoon tea. (Zulufish)

An outdoor day bed could even be placed on a tiny balcony. Just add some cute throw pillows and you’d get yourself a gorgeous place to relax. (Barbara Cannizzaro)

Smart outdoor LED lights that can be controlled with a smart phone is a great way to make a balcony more inviting for evening entertaining. (Engineer Your Space)

If weather permits you could enjoy great views even from a tiny balcony.

Stripe patterns could visually enlarge the space so a simple rug could change the look of a whole balcony.

If you manage to put a lot of greenery on your balcony you won’t even notice you live in a dirty city.

A storage bench with a wall panel is a great outdoor space saving solution that also could help to create a living wall there. (sususu)

A comfy lounge chair is the best addition to a small balcony so you could relax there. Hanging planters is the best way to add some greenery there without occupying much space. (Jours & Nuits)

Even a super small balcony could become a great place to relax with a cup of tea.

An artificial grass rug and several window box planters with little flowers in them would make your balcony a small urban garden.

A rug can help yo make your balcony appear roomier and with the right print it could create the illusion of bigger space. A living wall is a perfect way to get a small garden without occupying any floor space.

Cafe chairs and s small table can fit even on the tiniest balcony and they definitely can help you to embrace the outdoors in comfort.

Chairs should be lightweight so you can move them around but comfy enough to sit in them for awhile.

IKEA’s ÄPPLARÖ series features lots of different products to make your outdoor environment better.

Here is a cool idea – create a home bar on your balcony! A wine cooler could become a mixing station and several shelves could hold all those glasses.

String up some lights to turn your balcony into a magical hideaway. A comfy daybed or a bunch of floor pillows would help to take the romance to the next level.

Concrete planters look modern and can survive harsh weather on a balcony. (A+B KASHA Designs)

By choosing right materials you can make your balcony looks like a deck of some suburban house.

Window-box planters should be on every urban balcony because they are perfect to surround yourself with fresh flowers and greenery.

Foldable furniture is perfect for such tiny spaces because you can always change their layout.

DIY decor like a painted twig could become an interesting-looking an practical addition.

IKEA’s furniture is perfect not only for small rooms but for tiny balconies too.

String lights and lanterns could easily set a great mood for a romantic dinner.

To enjoy the view you don’t need anything besides a comfy chair and a small table.

Potted plants and living walls would look awesome on any balcony. They are the best way to make living in a city similar to living in suburban area. (Gaile Guevara)

Brighten up your balcony colorful rugs and accessories.

Add a faux grass rug for more natural green look with low maintenance.

Create a more lively feel by decorating your balcony like any other room.

Put an easel on a balcony to make it a favorite place for your kid.

Even if you’re living in a house, a small balcony on the 2nd or 3rd floor could be a perfect place to enjoy the view.

Add some moody lighting for a more romantic feel.

Functional furniture that serves several purposes at once is always preferable/

With a small daybed you can create an awesome chill-out spot even on a tiny balcony.

Don’t forget, that for an open balcony you need to choose pillows n hardy outdoor fabric.

Cozy plaid blanket is a perfect addition for a balcony’s chair cuz it isn’t always summer out there.

A tiny herb garden is a perfect addition to a balcony. You’ll always be able to cook a tasty pasta dish with fresh basil or rosemary.

Sheepskin is an another thing that could provide a cozy vibe to your balcony.

We all need some colors in early Spring so a bright blanket, a colorful rug and stripped floor pillows would be a great addition to a balcony’s decor.

Fresh flowers are a must have addition to all those urban balconies.

Mix and match materials to add an eclectic vibe.

For a more inviting look you can bright it up with colorful planters and cozy patterns on upholstered furniture.

Cottage-style balcony design is perfect for modern living. It looks more natural there than any other style.