Dream of a Simple Bamboo House for Cottage

Having bamboo house design is  one of the dreams to build a natural feel house that can be lived in with the family. Besides being unique, bamboo houses are also included in the class of environmentally friendly houses with minimal cost. Bamboo house are not completely ancient to be a future dream. See clearly the inspiration below:

Facade of the house


With an attractive design, this bamboo house is luxuriously designed and still environmentally friendly. Bamboo material is one of the main materials with a stilt house model. Building a bamboo house has other advantages that are minimal and cost-effective.

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Front garden


In addition to the eco-friendly feel, this bamboo house which is intended as an inn has a large yard with a minimalist garden in the front area which is refreshing. The natural atmosphere is not only supported by the bamboo house model, but the surrounding environment that makes the mind calmer.

Bamboo house terrace


Although the design of this house is used as an inn, the terrace is also an important consideration for designing a complete bamboo house. Wall, floor and roof elements use natural materials such as bamboo, woven bamboo to dry sugarcane leaves.

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Bedroom inspiration

Ass an inn, this house has one bedroom that feels comfortable to rest. Equipped with comfortable mattresses with some furniture to fill the room. Woven bamboo walls also dominate this house as a whole and look natural.

Corner of the house