Foolproof tips to organize your Refrigerator

With most of us stocking up on food, due to wanting to avoid constant trips to the store, refrigerators around the world have become clustered with items. Plus let’s face it, who wants to edit their refrigerator every time they shop? Not us; however, with many having a whole lot of free time it only makes sense to foolproof your fridge before your next shopping trip. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips that are simple, yet effective in creating the perfect celebrity-inspired fridge.

Get Rid of It

First things first, its time to deep clean! Yes, we know, who wants to do that? Who truly wants to remove everything and clean the fridge? Not us, but if you want an organized space you must edit the area as well as you can. Remove everything from the shelves, wipe it all down, and then check for expiration dates, half-eaten/drank items, and get rid of them. The less unnecessary clutter you have the easier it will be on your new organized space.

Make Categories

Most refrigerators have a general display of categories. It’s almost a preset kind of thing, you open the fridge and most of them look and feel the same. However, if your fridge has been feeling and looking a little bit overwhelming its time to make chic categories and enforce them. Here’s the thing, for this to work you want, to have specific spaces for every item in your fridge, doing so creates a well-organized area that makes sense to the room.


Divide the Fridge

Just like you make categories that things go in, you want to divide the fridge. Creating sleek division where everything is designed to fit in perfectly enables you to make the most out of the fridge you have without overcrowding or leaving any room without a focus. You might even want to consider doing this by color and sizing. Make sure to leave space at the top for drinks, and room at the bottom for leftovers. Following these rules of thumb will instantly give your fridge an upgrade.


Bring in Glass Containers

We love the idea of using containers for all of your items. Not only does this give you a more polished look but it also helps you keep track of what is what in the fridge. Let’s face it, we don’t always keep track of the food that is leftover or even of the items that have seen better days. Having glass containers allows you to do just that in a chic manner. Consider taking your fridge décor to the next level by having it resemble your pantry. Keep similar food groups together and make sure to throw out any leftovers that are older than 3 days.

Label It

Who doesn’t love a good label maker? Ever since those things were invited there is no better way to remain organized. If your fridge contains steep shelving, you want to label it. Adding a label will allow you to know where to place every item when you are done food shopping. It will also force you to keep track of what you’re buying and where you should be placing it. If you truly want to have fun, go on and label all of your shelves in the fridge and give all of you produce a home.

Use Color

As stated, above glass containers are extremely beneficial, they also reduce waste and you don’t throw them out as you would plastic ones. Since having glass containers is all the rave at a moment, think about using color to create a stylish interior. Now here’s the trick, you bring color by displaying your fruits and veggies in the glass container. Doing so allows you to bring color into your fridge, keep it organized by said colors and it will force you to buy more healthy, colorful produce to keep up with your new vibrant aesthetic. It’s a win-win for all if you ask us.

Keep it Minimal

One issue many of us are dealing with, when it comes to organizing the refrigerator is having too much of everything. This is the time when everyone wants to stock up and go from there. However, if you want to clean your fridge and expand on what you already have, you want to go minimal. Minimal works in the fridge due to giving you room for your needed necessities yet forcing you to not buy as much in bulk. While you might be tempted to do so, especially during this pandemic, the truth of the matter is most items are being thrown out due to rapid expiration dates.

Go the Green Way

If you tend to have smaller items such as loose fruit, or veggies you will take on the go, consider covering them with beeswax paper instead of using a container. Doing so is not only effective as you can take it and go but it also keeps the food fresh while being good for the earth. Additionally, they’re reusable, enabling you to rinse and go as you please.


The bottom line is a well-put-together fridge takes discipline and constancy. You might not like to hear it but once you have cleared out your fridge and created the perfect display, you will have to continue editing it often, so it remains the same. Make it easier on yourself by ensuring you put everything in its designated space, and you take note of what is lacking where. Knowing the answers to these questions will make editing and cleaning your fridge a breeze every time.

How often do you clean your refrigerator? Has quarantine forced you to take a close look at what you’re eating? If so, share with us your thoughts and ideas below.