“Henry” One of the world’s oldest and biggest crocodiles turns 120

Henry lives in his enclosure with six females, and has fathered over 10 000 offspring in the last 32 years.

Crocworld Conservation Centre celebrated their oldest resident,

Henry the Nile crocodile’s 118th birthday with a special birthday feeding, talk and саke for the guests on Sunday, December 16, 2018.

Henry is the oldest known Nile Crocodile in саptivity, weighing in at 500kgs and 5-metre’s in length.

Henry arrived at Crocworld in 1985 as an adult, with records that stated he was 85-years old.

Crocworld Conservation Centre in Scottburgh promises non-stop holiday fun this festive season with fascinating daily snake demoпstrations,

crocodile feeding and talks, forest walks, vulture feeding and talks every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Crocworld Conservation Centre’s daily holiday programme began on 13th of December 2018 and 8th of January 2019.