In the frozen continent of Antarctica, A “huge structure that could be a building” emerges

Antarctica: A “huge structure that could be a building” emerges


In the frozen continent of Antarctica, a “mysterious building” appeared in 2012. Experts believe that this mysterious appearance could be a structure belonging to an ancient civilization.

Researchers say that the Antarctic building has unique characteristics that reveal that it is a human construction .

This 121-meter-wide structure adds to a large amount of evidence that suggests the existence of an ancient city that remains hidden under the Antarctic ice.

Does an ancient civilization live in Antarctica?

The Antarctic climate is inclement and rarely exceeds 0 degrees. For that reason it is practically uninhabited.

This icy climate is believed to have reached the continent about 6,000 years ago , freezing completely to this day. Therefore, experts believed that the appearance of a “strange mound” was a sastrugi ; sharp grooves that the wind makes in the snow.


However, this phenomenon is characterized by leaving sharp short edges . The structure that was emerging was oval in shape .

Obviously, after a colossal pyramid was found , there are many theories about the existence of an ancient civilization in Antarctica.

Researchers have determined that the structure extends up to about 241 kilometers and could be buried about 848 meters deep .

This new finding makes the theories of different researchers come alive again; Antarctica could be the place where Atlantis existed .

Recall that scientists have found evidence that 12,000 years ago Antarctica was a warm place.

The current ice did not exist thanks to the movements of the earth’s crust and it could even have humans inhabiting its lands.

Could Atlantis be hidden under the ice?

The latest research reveals that, indeed, there was a civilization that inhabited during the end of the last ice age .

This could be the ancient lost city, built by the ancient Atlanteans and that Plato mentions in 360 BC. C.


Other theories claim that the mysterious structure that appeared in Antarctica could be related to ancient ruins that were found in southern Africa.

In fact, the similarity in appearance and form to those found in Emakhazeni, a municipality in the Nkangala district, South Africa, is incredible.

Even the dating of the material of the structure found in this region would coincide with the time that Antarctica has been frozen. The dolerite has a dating 200,000 years .

Similarity has also been found in construction technique. This leads us to think that they were the same builders or, failing that, they had the same knowledge.


The mystery of Antarctica is so great that it is practically unknown what can be hidden in the Antarctic ice. To date, there are too many speculations but the appearance of this construction sheds more light on the existence of a hidden city.