Incredibly Rare Baby Albino Elephant Filmed On Camera In South African Wildlife Park

The elephant is one of the most adorable animals in this world. Their eyes are so innocent and these animals are extremely friendly and affectionate.

They even keep their “puppy” souls even when they are grown up, becoming “giants”. They still love cuddles and lullaby from their human friends.



Chef Heinz Beck during the Innovation for Sustainability SummitAnd recently, an incredibly rare baby albino elephant was spotted and captured on film in the South African wildlife park.

As you can see, the pink elephant calf stands out from the crowd with its pink fur, skin, and eyes. It looks so adorable when chasing after its herd.

You can watch the video of the cute and rare baby elephant below.

The baby is a true albino. Its pink color is caused by the lack of melanin, including natural pigments that give color to the skin. Albinism also affects the eye color of the animals.

It’s worth mentioning that Leucism also makes the animal pink or white. Unlike albinism, this genetic condition doesn’t have any effect on the animal’s eyes.



Unfortunately, the pink skin of albino animals may bring them some big challenges in the future. The animals may face a higher risk of being spotted by predators. They may also be rejected by their own community.

But some animals have managed to beat the odds and thrive in the wild. Hopefully, this little pink elephant grows up safely and healthily.



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