New founding a triangular UFO attached to an iceberg off the coast of present-day Greenland

An alien ‘strange triangular UFO’ moored off the coast of Greenland

The discovery published by renowned conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring describes as a strange triangular object in the waters near the east of Greenland.

Image of what is believed to be a UFO off the coast of Greenland.

Scott C Waring has shared a photo of what is believed to be an ancient alien ship frozen into an iceberg. According to Waring, Google Earth has shown the object has a triangular shape about 68m wide.

Sharing on his website, Scott wrote: “I found a triangular UFO attached to an iceberg off the coast of present-day Greenland. I used Google Earth maps to find it.

It is possible that this UFO crashed to Earth millions of years ago and was buried beneath a melting glacier bit by bit, dropping debris of itself into the ocean. The black line on the cockpit area is very clear. The corners of the boat are completely equal and slightly rounded. It looks like it has melted and only the nearby ice is still clinging to it.”

Some people now strongly agree with Scott C Waring’s views. One person commented: “Wonderful! Someone needs to check it out!”.

However, another commenter said: “I believe in aliens but the government won’t let such things go unnoticed, plus people living there can find it very easily.”

Last week, Scott also shared a video that shows the “UFO changing shape” as it hovers in the night sky. The video was shot in Calgary, Canada.