Nice! Intense Chase of Two Cheetahs Pursuing Prey, Gripping and Thrilling

In order to survive, the last two surviving cheetahs of a coalition in the Maasai Mara murder a Topi during a high-speed pursuit.



Ivan Glaser, a 61-year-old travel consultant and photographic guide, documented the pursuit with photographs and uploaded them to

During a recent trip to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, we discovered two cheetahs snoozing in the heat of the day beneath a shrub. We expected a protracted delay before they began to forage.



“After a very brief delay, a lone Topi ran towards where the Cheetah was reclining, and in the twinkling of an eye, the Cheetah went from resting to hunting mode. Almost as quick to react as a cheetah. My guide was Jackson Ronko from the Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp.

We strategically positioned our vehicle. “We anticipated Topi’s escape route from the cheetahs.”



These two Cheetahs are the only surviving members of the legendary “Tano Bora” coalition of five Cheetahs that dominated the mara for decades. Within the last two years, three of them have died. Two were presumably slain for various reasons by the ot

hers, while one was killed by a lion.

Two cheetahs engage in a pursuit in the Masai Mara.



As Jackson had prophesied, the Topi ran along the ridge in our direction. We were stationed approximately 30 meters from where the Cheetah attacked. The Topi is considerably heavier than the Cheetah, so the Cheetah cannot rely solely on its own mass to bring it down. They employ a cunning strategy by seizing the Topi’s limbs with their talons in an effort to cause it to falter and fall. Upon apprehension, the hunt is generally concluded. The duration of the inquiry was only thirty seconds.



Download the Latest Sightings app to share wildlife sightings in real-time.These two cheetahs almost always pursue large prey such as topi and adult zebra. Despite the fact that they can only consume a small portion of such enormous prey, they continue to hunt. They are approximately 8.5 years old and cannot likely outpace the quicker gazelles.



In the Masai Mara, cheetah are foraging.

“Photographing cheetahs in pursuit requires more than photographic skill. To position yourself for the best view of the mission, it is essential to understand both animal behavior and the surrounding terrain. This is where an experienced and knowledgeable guide like Jackson Ronko comes into play.”