“Pixel The Cat” It is a hit online thanks to his goofy bat-like grin

An exorcist has warned a Wisconsin woman that her creepy-looking cat is possessed by a demon and should be caged and prayed over.

Alyson Kalhagen, from Green Bay, was contacted after posting pictures of her cat Pixel online, intending to show off his ‘beauty and refinement’.

The wide-eyed Cornish Rex with protruding fangs instead caused alarm and Kalhagen, 39, said she was soon bombarded with messages from people afraid of her cat, which has been likened to a ‘sleep paralysis demon’.

The mother-of-one said most people are just curious about two-year-old Pixel’s ‘unique looks‘ but that some comments came from a ‘place of real fear and hesitation’.

One such message was from an exorcist who told Kalhagen that a demon was using her pet as a ‘puppet‘ and instructing her to keep Pixel caged and pray ‘over and over’ in front of him to get the demon out.

‘I had a message from this person telling me that they were an ‘exorcist‘ and Pixel had been ‘taken over by a demon that was controlling his face’.

‘I think he was trying to tell me that’s why my cat is making all of these crazy faces,’ Kalhagen said.

‘In that photo he’s got kind of a blank stare with his weird little grin on his face – like maybe the lights were on or no one was at home, or whoever was at home wasn’t up to any good.

‘All the time people say ‘this is the creepiest cat I’ve ever seen’, ‘my sleep paralysis demon has come to life’ and if they saw him in the middle of the night they’d have a heart attack and it would scare them to death.

‘People say all the time that he’s a ‘demon cat‘ who ‘must be possessed’ and that the devil’s taken control of him. It’s kind of a recurring theme.

‘I think it’s pretty funny because I usually just say ‘imagine coming face to face when you’re trying to scoop the litter box’.’

Kalhagen seems to have ignored the exorcist’s unsolicited advice but admits that Pixel has left her ‘startled‘ at times and that she has even opted not to upload some pictures of the cat, having deemed his facial expressions ‘too wild for public consumption’.

Despite his spooky looks, Pixel has a 12,000-strong social media following and has even won awards.

A cute photo she snapped of him wearing a bat costume, with his distinctive ‘insane face’, captured a lot of interest online – and also won a Halloween photo contest at her local vet.

Kalhagen believes Pixel’s expressions ‘take people aback‘ as well as his disproportionately large eyes, ears and small head – all typical of his breed.

His black smoke coat has seen many liken him to a werewolf, but he’s also been compared to a bat, kangaroo and even a Tim Burton character.

‘If people haven’t seen a cat like that before – they would be maybe a little apprehensive to begin with because they’re not quite sure what they’re looking at,’ Kalhagen said.

‘I get a whole lot of ‘that’s the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen’ and sometimes things like ‘that’s not a cat, that’s a rat‘ – I tend to just laugh off because he’s a triple champion.

‘I think it’s really funny anytime someone compares him to a different animal. ‘Some people think he’s from out of space – I’ve had a couple of people say ‘that has to be an alien with those eyes‘.

Kalhagen said she can able to get some hilarious pictures of Pixel as he poses with his signature ‘awkward smile‘ on demand much of the time and shows off his gleaming front gnashers.

‘I would really like people to know that I’m not coercing him to get these faces – these are actually the faces that he makes on a daily basis,’ she said. ‘He’s a very sweet boy – it’s funny because the faces he makes sometimes do tend to scare people.

‘I don’t think he even realises it – he just makes these crazy faces. ‘I get a lot of gasps when people notice him – there was a snow removal guy outside and Pixel was sitting in the window and I heard the guy go ‘wow, you’re weird’.

‘Sometimes people will just gasp and say ‘wow, look at that’ – it’s really kind of funny.’ Pixel, who Kalhagen has had since he was 12 weeks old, has always taken a shine to the camera which means that every photo she snaps for his adoring fans is ‘pure gold‘.

‘I wanted to showcase the eloquence and refinement of the breed but the harder I tried to do that the more Pixel asserted his personality. ‘That sort of came through on the photos he didn’t quite agree with my vision and I was like ‘you know what buddy, let’s do this’.

‘I think the curiosity factor draws people in initially and then once they start learning more about him, he has the sort of ‘it’ factor that seems to come through on the camera. ‘He was just kind of born with it and I’m lucky to be able to come along on the ride.

‘I’ve received a couple of messages from people telling me that his photos make them so happy and that they have such a good time sharing them with their kids in the morning.

‘It makes my day to hear that he’s brought someone a smile especially in these times.’

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