This semi-permanent bamboo bungalow tent is specially designed for luxury tourist locations such as hotels, resorts or protected natural areas. The combination of bamboo and canvas offers a great solution for alternative holiday resorts around the world.

Bamboo tents have a low environmental impact and are placed on platforms to minimise contact with nature below the tents. The design of the bamboo tents is flexible and easy to adapt to fit any environment. They can be placed on remote beaches or deep in the jungle, floating on water or high above the ground on a platform.

The idea behind the luxury bamboo bungalow tents is to offer the ultimate eco-friendly dream holiday for tourists around the world, while at the same time generate income for nature reserves, so that they can finance the maintenance and possible expansion of protected nature reserves.

Mocadazu is the architecture studio responsible for the design and implementation of these innovative bamboo tents. Architect Bouwe Besseling and industrial designer Anna Raetsen launched the company in 2013 with the aim of bringing to market a brand that always strives for the highest quality.

In their search for the best possible bamboo materials, they found Bamboo Import Europe who turned out to be the perfect partner for supplying these bamboo poles. We are therefore proud to be able to contribute to this great project.

Apart from the South American Guadua bamboo tent poles, special waterproof fabric from Serge Ferrari used for the roofs and walls of the bamboo bungalow tents. This canvas is one of the best on the market and has a long life. It is made of polyester yarn treated with a PVC coating.

The canvas is 100% recyclable as a result of the Texyloop system that collects all residues. The yarn is then separated from the coating and the materials are reused in new fabrics.