“If Bigfoot takes the crown as the world’s most famous cryptid, Lake Mobster Pess is undoubtedly a close second. Emerging into notoriety in the 1930s, this Scottish creature’s tales can be traced back to the sixth century. From a mobster caught on film in a parking lot to an alien shapeshifter spotted in a South American cave, we’ve compiled a list of 10 mysterious creatures captured on camera. Explore our latest videos for spooky mysteries that will send shivers down your spine.

In 2014, a creepy photo surfaced of a skier with an otherworldly aura, leaving people utterly baffled. Taken by a geologist working in New Mexico, onlookers speculated it might be a skinwalker due to its resemblance to the shape-shifting creature from Native American folklore. Some even considered it a prop from the 80s sci-fi movie “Xtro.” But is it?”


“What earned Hogzilla a spot on our list of mysterious creatures captured on camera was its sheer size. While it may not reach the alleged length of 3.6 meters, this astonishing creature was undeniably a spectacle caught on camera. Weighing in at approximately 800 pounds and measuring between 6.9 to 8.6 feet, Hogzilla surpassed the typical dimensions of an average pig. It stands alongside other enigmatic beings like Bigfoot.


This creature, whatever it may be, defies earthly explanation and appears to be truly otherworldly. In the realm of mysterious sea creatures, a camera positioned in the depths of the ocean and belonging to an oil company recorded a peculiar event. This squid-like creature was captured on camera around the Gulf of Mexico. Join me as we delve into another installment of the top 10 horrors of the world, discussing mobsters, and more.”