Jaguars Hunting Crocodiles Directly in the River in Brazil (Video).

There is typically only one victor when jaguars and caimans compete, but that does not mean the caiman will give up lightly. This battle occurred in Brazil’s Pantanal, and this caiman was a fighter! After an exhausting struggle underwater, the jaguar devised a better strategy: pinning the caiman underwater until it drowned, which it did.

The jaguar undoubtedly caused considerable damage to the animal’s neck, but ultimately, it was the water that proved fatal. Jaguars are such badass hunters. And observe how at ease it is in the water. No other large cat has mastered this element as effectively as the Jaguar.


Amazingly, this cat was able to hold its breath underwater for such a lengthy time. Clearly, this jaguar employs a tried, established, and mastered hunting strategy. I formerly believed Leopards to be formidable, but the Jaguar represents the pinnacle of feline weaponry.