Something Really Strange Fell From The Sky During A Big Thunderstorm In Texas

A Texas homeowner called Connor captured something weird during an evening thunderstorm that plummeted from the sky at tremendous speed to the earth (see video below).

When a heavy thunderstorm occurred, Connor was working the night shift at a meatpacking facility in Amarillo. He had the bright notion to walk outdoors and shoot the sky as it was lighted by lightning.

“I can’t say I’ve ever seen something like this, and I’ve never shot the sky or anything,” he adds, “but on the day the storm was roaring, I felt compelled to shoot a movie.”

When he was watching the video on his phone, he observed that something long and white swept from top to bottom at a high pace.

He had to considerably slow down the video to obtain a better picture of this event, but even then he couldn’t tell what exactly fell from the sky.

Connor believes the meteor is the most reasonable explanation, but he does not rule out the possibility of a UFO. Unfortunately, he did not mention if he traveled in that way to examine what may have fallen there on the spot.

When he shared the video online, many people agreed that it appeared like a meteor, while others said it may have been lightning or some type of air anomaly.