Mother Hen’s Heroic Stand: Protecting Her Chicks from a Snake Predator.


Mothers, whether human or animal, would protect their children at any cost even if it means battling a fierce enemy. Testifying the same is a recent video clip that shows a mother hen fighting a slithering serpentine to protect her newly born chicks. While the 38-second clip ends without revealing the winner of the bone-rattling battle, netizens flocked in laud the mother bird’s indomitable bravery.

The beginning of the clip shows the brown coloured snake approaching the recently hatched chick, perhaps with an aim to devour them. However, it is tackled by the chicks’ mother who confronts the serpentine. As the battle continues, both parties use their tricks to win it. At one point in time, the snake eve manages to pin down the mother hen by sliding over her neck but she gets back attacking the predator with her claws and beak. The video ends inconclusively showing the snake trying to slide to the babies while their mother continues to attack it.